Letter from Pastor

Praised be Jesus Christ!


It seemed, at least for me, like this weekend would never arrive! Four months of preparation for a new chapter in my priesthood and four months of farewells to close the previous chapter have made me anxious to get on with it already!


As a history enthusiast, a devotee of church architecture, and a student of the great tradition of our Roman liturgy, I still cannot believe that Divine Providence has placed me in such  magnificent and historic parish. One cannot stand in our beautiful church and not think of the founders and builders of our parish who have gone before us. I certainly am humbled to be numbered among those who have served as pastor, starting with the Jesuits who sailed down the Mississippi to first explore this new territory. I pray that I will be worthy of the legacy that precedes me.


As a pastor, I view my mission as that of a steward. Too often those in authority or in leadership can view themselves as a king or queen; a pastor, however, must be quite the opposite. As a steward I am entrusted to preserve the deposit of our faith while also communicating it effectively in the 21st century through faithful teaching and preaching. As the chief liturgist for the parish it falls to me to faithfully celebrate the sacraments and the liturgy, preserving continuity with our rich traditions, and leading all of us to have an encounter with the Living Lord who is present in the Eucharist. As the leader of the parish it also is my duty to respectfully and wisely administer the temporal goods entrusted to the parish, always being mindful that hard working people sacrifice greatly to support the church and school financially; we can never squander or dishonor those gifts. 


We are all aware of the financial challenges that currently face our parish and our school. While this has been a source of anxiety and concern for many, I wish to reassure all of us that no challenge is too great for us to overcome together. I pledge to you that I will work tirelessly to address our finances and fundraising so that fear and uncertainty will be foreign feelings to us once again. I promise to clearly communicate my vision and plans as well as be transparent in all matters of finances. The challenges we face are nothing compared to the grace that God will give us to emerge stronger and more faith-filled than ever before.


I am humbled by the trust the Archbishop has placed in me with this assignment. I am humbled by the warm welcome with which I have been greeted by all of you. I ask you to please ask Our Lady to intercede for me as I undertake this new ministry. I look forward to our many years together! Sainte Genevieve, pray for us!


Fr. Nemeth